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How This Art Museum Uses Storytelling To Create A More Immersing Experience

There’s a great community for storytellers and storylovers – it’s called The Art of Storytelling by the Delaware Art Museum. I love the idea of that museum: because they give people the opportunity to tell stories around the works of art they have on display.

So people tell stories about the paintings. And if you’re curious, you can listen to other people’s stories about the paintings, or read them.

I always tell my clients that THE best way to become a better storyteller is to tell stories. That’s the best “trick” in the world there is to mastering the art of storytelling.

And this is a great fun way to do so.

And it’s really smart from a marketing perspective too.

Because once you have told – and published a story on any of the works they have on display, do you think you are more likely to visit that museum again? Do you think that you are more likely to talk to your friends and family about this museum? Do you think that can bring in more visitors to their museum?

And let’s face it: many people can’t relate to paintings. They stand in front of a picture and go: hohum… and it just doesn’t touch them. There’s no connect. Yes, some are captivated and fascinated by it – but many are not. But when you create a story around a picture, that’s a much more intense experience than just the visual input.

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