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Gary Vaynerchuck: “The story we tell to the customer is everything.”

Gary Vaynerchuck recently talked at #SoMix2012, and there’s something that is central to everything he said and about how business is done, although he kind of sneaked it in there. But of course, when he slips a comment about the power of stories, we’re not missing it 😉

Gary Vaynerchuck:

Here’s the secret that I barely like to talk about because I want to keep it to myself.

It’s all supply and demand, and it’s storytelling from the proper platform.

Here’s the whole talk:


And then later he said (around 1:01:00)

We are all only in the storytelling business. The story we tell to the customer is everything.

Gary is smart as hell when it comes to running a business. Listen to him 😉

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