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Branding With Storytelling

Jon Thomas makes a compelling point in his article 7 Reasons Storytelling Is Important For Branded Content.

Especially today, when it comes to advertising or branding, most people think: online! social media! web! TV! radio! print! neuromarketing!

But there’s something missing in the mix: storytelling.

Yes, it’s thousands of years old, but it’s still just as important for effective branding. If not more. If you think about it – all of the “hot terms” people talk about when they talk about branding are essentially “carriers” of good storytelling.

His 7 reasons for storytelling in branding:

  1. Stories produce experience.
  2. Stories reveal what makes your message unique.
  3. Stories are emotional glue that connects you to your customers.
  4. Stories shape information into meaning.
  5. Stories can motivate an audience toward your goal.
  6. Stories are more likely to be shared.
  7. Stories are less likely to be resisted.
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