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Tell to Win by Peter Guber

Peter Guber is probably one of the people who really get storytelling. After all, that’s what he’s made millions of dollars with.

This is the guy behind movies like Rainman. Or Batman. Ok, I’m going to stop right there. I mean, you really shouldn’t ask for any more credentials from a guy who’s behind both Rainman AND Batman. (Although Peter has got a lot more going for him).

Here’s his book in which he talks about how to tell a story. It already hit all kinds of bestseller lists (Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and whatnot) and all kinds of big shots are endorsing it (and not “just” people like Mark Victor Hansen from the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, but also guys like George Clooney and others).


Watch this cool video where he talkes with Magic Johnson, the legendary basketball player. His name alone is a story, so he’s definitely an authority on the fine art of storytelling.

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