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Storytelling Lessons From Emmy-award-winning filmmakers

If you had a chance to learn about the art of storytelling from Emmy-award-winning filmmakers, would you take the time to do so?

This is not a hypothetical question.

Storytelling The Stillmotion Way: Part 1 from stillmotion on Vimeo.

Since you’re interested in the power of stories, my bet is you’re going to love this post.

Even though it’s mainly storytelling for filmmakers, there are lessons for storytelling in any medium included in this video.

So here’s some questions which will be answered in part one of this series:

  • What are the fundamental building blocks of any story?
    (The 4 P’s: People, Places, Plot & Purpose)
  • People: Who is in the story?
  • Place: Where does the story take place?
  • Plot: What is the conflict and the journey?
    • have a conflict in every story you tell  (even if it’s just a car commercial!)
    • you want to have some form of conflict or tension (it doesn’t need to be a villain that causes the conflict)
    • constantly generate questions that will keep your audience intrigued
  • Purpose: Why should anyone care about this?
    • be able to state your purpose in one clear, succinct sentence (before you even pick up a camera, you should be able to do that)

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