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Stan Lee on writing: Write for yourself

Stan Lee shared some advice on writing when he spoke at Google a few years ago:

  • Read a lot. The more you read, the better.
  • Write what you yourself would love to read. Especially in television, companies are always looking to write something that would appeal to 13-year-olds, or 20-year-olds, and that’s fine. But what you want to write is something that you yourself would genuinely enjoy reading. If you write something that you yourself enjoy to read, then it’s very likely that there are other people out there who’d enjoy reading it as well—because none of us is really that different from everybody else. Don’t try to write something that other people would want to write.
    The great writers wrote to please themselves. And that’s why their stuff was good. Be your own best critique.

You can watch the entire session here, but the advice on writing specifically can be found at 26:25.

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