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Journalism’s Missing Narrative: Time to Put Storytelling Back In

Adam Westbrook is concerned that journalists are not using enough storytelling to help people make sense out of the news they report.

He also comments on some online particularities (writing a lot for search engines, vs. writing less but more narrative):

Slate Magazine for some time pursued stories to appeal to search engines and to get the all-important clicks. But then they tried an experiment in pursuing long-form, original journalism, framed in high-quality storytelling. What happened? They published 33 per cent fewer stories, O’Leary reports, but saw a 40 per cent rise in traffic. A similar experiment by Gawker found original reporting got more views per article than viral rehashing.

He continues:

the only way to build an audience around your content […] is through the hot pursuit of quality over mediocrity. In taking time to craft a narrative, the way an artist crafts a painting.

It’s very true that in the online world, fast & easy is very much the default mode. But that’s not really what’s best for the reader.

You can read the rest of the article here.

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