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Interactive Storytelling in Malaysia

In the New Straits Times, there is a piece on interactive storytelling:

“Interactive storytelling provides the audience with a deeper, more active, engagement and sensation. It provides an augmented experience. Whether for the purposes of interference or guidance through dialogue management, alternative plots, situation management, collaborative improvisation and spatial transformation, these new technologies and approaches add another dimension,” says Derek Woodgate, co-founder and chief creative officer of Plutopia Productions, Inc.

Woodgate is also president of The Futures Lab, Inc.
In addition to film and gaming, Woodgate is excited by interactive storytelling influence in narrative play and toys, theatre performances, video, art and media installations, augmented reality environments, dance, education and online books.

Read more: Trends: Another dimension to storytelling – Tech – New Straits Times

I’m not that a big fan of theatre performances I must admit, but if there would be more interaction and a chance to be more involved, I can imagine it to be a lot of fun.

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