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6 Rules for a Great Story from Barnaby Conrad and Snoopy

Well, I think rules might not be the best word – it’s more a form – something that you can use to make writing a great story easier.

  1. Try to pick the most intriguing place in your piece to begin.
  2. Try to create attention-grabbing images of a setting if that’s where you want to begin.
  3. Raise the reader’s curiosity about what is happening or is going to happen in an action scene.
  4. Describe a character so compellingly that we want to learn more about what happens to him or her.
  5. Present a situation so vital to our protagonist that we must read on.
  6. And most important, no matter what method you choose, start with something happening! (And not with ruminations. A character sitting in a cave or in jail or in a kitchen or in a car ruminating about the meaning of life and how he got to this point does not constitute something happening.)

I think there is a lot obvious truth to rule #1. After all, if you don’t pick the most intriguing place to begin with, you’ll probably won’t suck a reader into your story.

But I wonder abour rule #6 – can’t you really start with something that’s going on in a character head? It seems that this rule could easily be broken without risking to write a a bad story.

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